WHIPS Caramels

WHIPS Caramels


WHIPS Caramels are made in small batches from the freshest, quality ingredients and no preservatives. Each nut is hand roasted, and each batch of caramel is cooked by me to the perfect temperature to ensure they are just the right melt in your mouth texture. 


Caramel Options:


Butter: A traditional rich and chewy butter based caramel. Soft, but not too soft and melts in your mouth without sticking to your teeth.

Each bag includes 4 pieces


Sea Salt & Milk Chocolate: Rich and chewy butter based caramel finished with course sea salt, then topped with a crown of decadent milk chooclate - the perfect combination of sweet, salty and melt in your mouth chocolate.

Each bag includes 4 pieces


Caramel & Chocolate Dipped Pretzel:

Each pretzel rod is hand dipped in a thick coating of rich and chewy butter caramel, then in milk chocolate and finished with white chocolate drizzle. Sweet and salty perfection!


Caramel Options


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