A Little Taste From Home
  • A Little Taste From Home


    Missing those delicious comfort foods from back home?

    Fear not! We have put together the ultimate Canadian snack box for our fellow Canadians living overseas!


    Please note that this box is not gift decorated, it's packed in a shipping box but don't worry! We make sure the products are nicely styled and protected!


    Shipping rates may vary depending on location, to get an international shipping quote contact us at: yycboxy@gmail.com


    Dimensions: 47cm x 47cm x 16.5cm

    Weight: 6.110 kg




    Handcrafted-Style Chips, Ketchup

    Handcrafted-Style Chips, BBQ Sweet Potato Chips

    Cheezies (420g)

    Coffee Crisp (4 bars)

    Oh Henry! (4 bars)

    Whippet Minis Cookie Doug (200g)

    Starbust (320g)

    Maple Leaf Cookies (300g)

    Kraft Peanut Butter Spread

    Werther's Original Caramels (128g)

    Wagon Wheels (9pc)

    Twizzlers (396g)

    Hamburger Helper (166g)

    Kraft Original Macaroni & Cheese (225g)

    Poutine Gravy Mix (52g)

    Brown Sauce Mix (25g)

    Turkey Gravy Sauce (25g)

    Chicken Gravy Sauce (25g)

    Tim Horton's Coffee Bag - Original Blend (300g)

    Tim Horton's Hot Chocolate (500)

    Tim Horton's Timbits Cereal (326g)



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